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    ​  Basics Name: Andrew Birthday: May 8th Favorite color: Green.  Lucky number: no idea Height: 5’9 Talents: my Imagination. Last dream you remember: I cant remember :(  Can you juggle: last time I attempted I was in school so nope. Art/sports/both:  im not sport I may watch the odd game, I think im kinda arty  Do you like writing. I always want to write something but I never get the motivation to do it.  Do you like dancing: Nope! Do you like singing: when im by myself yeah

    Fantasies Dream vacation:  Tour America Dream guy/gal . some guy who Is like a friend and we have lots in common Dream wedding. Harry potter Theme outside in the woods. Dream pet: I want a cat big andfluffy Dream job: Millionaire

    Music Favorite album: Nelly Furtado greatest Hits Least favorite songLots!. Least favorite albumIots . Least favorite artistLots

    Preferences Guys/girls/both/other: Guys . Hair color  On someone else: Dark hair On me: Dark brown Humorous/serious: humorous and serious at times Eye color: Any colour Taller/shorter: Any size Biggest turn-off: shit attitude, lack of hygiene, ‘straight-acting’ and stupidity are all no-nos. Biggest turn-on: Making me laugh, same Interests, HAIRY!

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    Anonymous said: Who are your Tumblr Crushes?

    they are all my Crushes

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    Anonymous said: Name one bad thing you have done :)

    I once ate all the cheese slices at a relatives BBQ :D

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    when you overhear your name in a conversation


  5. Sorting through the bottom of my wardrobe look what I Rediscovered, S.T.A.R.S  bag and Sweatbands

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    Somebody loves to wake me up in the Morning!

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    Decided to get rid of the Beatles haircut and go short lol

    Decided to get rid of the Beatles haircut and go short lol

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    The grumpy collection .

    Sexy Grumpy Collection

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    Ha it does look like I got kicked in the face by spider-man :D

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